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Advanced Pain and Spine
Chiropractor Woodstock
244 Creekstone Ridge
Woodstock, GA 30188


Chiropractor Woodstock GA 30188

If you’re looking for superior Chiropractic care in Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta or the surrounding areas, look no further. Our highly trained staff is here to meet your needs under a variety of circumstances. As a Woodstock Chiropractor, at Advanced Pain and Spine we understand that the wear and tear of everyday life can take a toll on your body. Irritants which you may overlook such as stress, overexertion, falls and of course accidents of all kinds, may over-time lead to larger problems through the displacement of joints and the way that this displacement can affect the nervous system. If you need to realign your body after a physical trauma such as a car or work-related accident, Chiropractic care is definitely the answer. If you suffer from chronic back or joint pains caused by injury, illness or age, our Woodstock Chiropractor services can help relieve your pain and return your body to its natural, healthy state.

Dr. Jason Addison even specializes in sports related injuries and rehabilitative work to get you back on your feet and back on the field. But most importantly our Chiropractor Woodstock services can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may be surprised to hear that regular Chiropractic care can not only eliminate pain but also promote a better, more efficiently functioning body overall. Chiropractic services stimulate the circulatory system and help increase a healthy blood flow throughout the body while improving flexibility and assisting your immune system in fighting off potential sicknesses. In all, a fully functioning system simply allows your body to perform better on a daily basis and preserve your health for the future.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Life University, Dr. Addison established his Chiropractic practice in Woodstock. He and his staff have consistently proven that through continuing education and a perseverance to provide outstanding service and professionalism, they can not only maintain a flourishing Chiropractic practice, but a strong ethical and moral passion for helping others as well. Dr. Addison’s passion for healing goes beyond the walls of his office. He often volunteers his services through local sporting organizations in Woodstock, Roswell and Alpharetta.

Dr. Addison knows very well that many different patients require a selection of assorted manipulative techniques in order to accommodate a variety of comfort levels. His gentle methods make it easy for nervous or even skeptical first-time patients to acquire the Chiropractic care that so many of their injuries or ailments require. If you have had a previous experience with chiropractic that left a bad taste in your mouth, or if you simply don’t have a good understanding of how a Chiropractor can assist your body in healing itself, then Dr. Addison is here to help. He has been trained and certified in a number of different techniques including ART (Active Release Techniques).

As one of the few premiere Active Release Practitioners in the Atlanta area, Dr. Addison is an expert in soft tissue diagnosis and treatment. Problems involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves are a specialty in the Woodstock Chiropractic office. With his ART certification, Dr. Addison is capable of treating a number of different ailments such as headaches, back and shoulder pain, knee and elbow problems and carpal tunnel syndrome, to name just a few. Whether you’re fighting pain on a daily basis or feeling happy and healthy, a visit to your Woodstock Chiropractor is always an intelligent decision and a helpful way to keep your body running as it should.

We also offer a number of different services along side professional Chiropractic care to assist the body in its healing. Guided physiotherapy exercise is a good way to compliment and enhance Dr. Addison’s specific manipulative treatments. As with any condition, after symptoms have dulled or subsided, it is important to strengthen the body’s ability to prevent a reoccurrence of the condition. Also, other therapies offered here, such as ultrasound, cryotherapy and moist-heat therapy can be extremely beneficial depending on the condition at hand. At our Woodstock Chiropractic office you will find a healing environment and a kind staff who are genuinely interested in your health and well-being.
If you take a quick look into our patient testimonials you will find a plethora of happy and healthy people, grateful to have found Dr. Addison’s practice. The ailments he has already successfully treated are almost as diverse as his patients themselves. From sports-related injuries to muscle and ligament issues, Dr. Addison has helped his patients recover from injuries and overcome pre-existing conditions while avoiding expensive orthopedic surgery and unhealthy medicines such as Cortisone shots. The beautiful thing about Chiropractic care is that it centers around the body’s amazing ability to heal itself rather than inducing an intrusive operation such as surgery or pharmaceutical medicines.

With the help of a talented Woodstock Chiropractor such as Dr. Addison, Chiropractic care can not only help alleviate your symptoms but actually repair your body, instead of simply covering up the pain with medication or enduring daunting and lengthy recoveries after medical procedures. If nudged in the right direction, and with a bit of time, your body is capable of mending itself from a plethora of painful and debilitating issues. Many times Chiropractic care is that nudge, and with a little patience you may find yourself free of even the most lasting and stubborn painful conditions, permanently.
In today’s fast paced world, it takes more than a simple “quick and out” adjustment to understand the needs of your body and the true causes of your pains and symptoms. Dr. Addison believes that taking the proper amount of time and attention necessary to properly address all of your needs is paramount in providing the best quality Chiropractic care available. It is important not only that you feel better and that your body is working properly, but also that you understand exactly what the true problem was and how Dr. Addison’s techniques worked to alleviate your inflictions. From neck and lower back pain, to knee and elbow strains, to shin splints and foot issues, Dr. Addison is here to get you up and running again. Come in today to see why we are one of Atlanta and Woodstock’s best chiropractic care providers.


Dr Jason Addison

Advanced Pain and Spine

Chiropractor Woodstock

244 Creekstone Ridge

Woodstock, GA 30188